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53 Types of Information Products & Services

One of the keys to a digital information product and services business is creating content once, then re-purposing it into multiple forms. Different people like to absorb information in different formats, which can provide you multiple revenue streams. PIlus different marketing channels require information in differing file types.

Also it’s just good business, as witnessed in this quote by Jay Conrad Levinson, Founder of the immensely successful Guerilla Marketing brand. “Someone once asked me how much I made on my first “Guerrilla Marketing” book. The answer I gave was $10 million. The book itself only paid me about $35,000 in royalties, but the speaking engagements, spin-off books, newsletters, columns, bootcamps, consulting, and wide open doors resulted in the remaining $9,965,000.

In the future, I will be providing many resources for training about creating, publishing and marketing content in various forms.

Here are the 53 types; many of them can be combined:

Books: Published or self-published

E-Books: Including multiple means of distribution

Multi-Media Udemy (or similar) Courses: Pre-produced courses on the Udemy platform

Audio Books: Not just a reading of your book, but original content in audio form

Audio Programs: More than one cassette or CD, typically in a vinyl audio album

Single Audio CDs: Used both as products and as marketing tools

Video Trainings: An easy way to deliver the same content at a higher price

Multi-Media Programs: Audio / Video / CD / Printed materials sold together as a program

Workbooks: Individual, standalone training tool not part of other products

Coaching Programs: Provided by you or by others under your direction; it can be coacing of any kind, life, business, software, marketing…whatever people need help with

Mentoring & Apprenticeship Programs: Offering one-on-one advice + group training to protégés

Keynote Speaking: Delivering motivation and inspiration to thousands from the platform

Breakout Sessions: Delivering content and recruiting new customers at industry events

A Speaker Representing a Company: Delivering product information at industry events

Public Seminars: Used to upsell attendees into higher priced programs

Train-the-Trainer Programs: Teaching others to present your material (or someone else’s with whom you’ve formed a relationship) and to use your products

Corporate Training Programs: Your material licensed for use on a company-wide basis

Presenter at Large Events: One of several presenters masterfully selling from the platform

Boot Camps: Intensive weekend trainings by you and your hand-picked experts

Tele-Boot Camps: Same intensive content delivered by phone over several weeks

Hourly Consulting: Packages that boost your hourly rate and image in the industry

Long-Term or “Packaged” Consulting Contracts: Consulting to meet a long-term goal for major corporations

Subscription Consulting: Ongoing consulting for a monthly or annual fee

Spokesperson Contracts: Your reputation and expertise utilized to sell products & services

Licensing: Your products, services and content distributed by others under your name or theirs

Infomerical-Friendly Product: Product designed to sell on the radio or via television infomercials

Home-Study Courses: Multi-media product format designed to be a complete system in a box

Teleseminars: Seminars conducted via one or more group telephone conference calls

Weekend Retreats: Typically self-help or personal-growth weekends delivered to foster change

Subscription Audio Series: Your subscribers receive monthly audio files or CDs for a fee

Newsletters: Printed or electronic, free or for profit

E-zines: Monthly or semi-monthly communications, either for free or paid subscriptions

Internet Radio or “Television” Show: Everything from short segments to syndicated radio shows to doocumentaries

Philanthropic Foundation: As an outlet for your message or for other causes

Media Expert Content Source: Providing regular content to news organizations

Syndicated Column: Your articles appearing regularly in periodicals

Private-Label Magazine: Magazine with your name and title, but produced by others for your use

Ghostwriting & Co-Authoring: Writing for others with cover credit or not

Branded Retail Products: Digital info products produced for retail consumers with, your logo or name

Mini-Books or Booklets: Booklets (as short as 16-pages) or smaller versions of your book, with cut-down content

Selling Content Rights — Yours: Foreign, serial, broadcast, syndication and derivative product rights

Content Rights — Other People’s: Acquiring and re-selling other experts’ products and content

Special Reports & White Papers: High-priced information on a specific business topic

CD-ROM / DVD Training: Typically sold for use as a training tool, but can be used for marketing, too

Counseling Services: Usually one-on-one, personal growth counseling

Adult Professional Education (Continuing Education Units): For industry associations or for consumers through local seminar companies

Compiled Reference Guides: Directories and other compilations on useful forms, resources and material

Software/Mobile App: Sold through the Android and Apple app stores and elsewhere

Trade Association: Operated by you to assist a specific industry group

Industry Conventions & Trade Shows: With revenues from workshops and trade show booths

Agenting & Arbitrage: Representing others in deals and profiting on the margins

Business-Building & Practice-Building Systems: Materials developed to help other entrepreneurs or professionals increase revenue

Seminar Company Workshops: Your material developed and licensed for presentation by others at public seminars



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