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A Principle You’ll Never Regret Adhering To

Photo of a woman meeting with two people representing seeking advice from experts.

What could that be? What could that be?

Well, I’m guessing you’ve never heard it before. Yet I’ll bet you’ve seen already seen it violated thousands of times in your life…if you’re over eighteen. 🙂

Here it is – and I mean this regarding anything: “Never ask advice of anyone who hasn’t already personally solved the problem you’re trying to solve or has successfully taken advantage of the opportunity that you are considering. And preferably, they’ve successfully done it more than once.”

Now I mean that literally. Why? Because it’s way easier to tell other people what they ought to do than to successfully have done it yourself! That truism is where the quip came from, “Those who can’t do, teach.”

Do you know why so many employees resent it when management brings in “expert consultants” to “help” them? Experts with degrees but little practical experience? Two reasons, actually:

  1. Most people think that the issues that their particular company face are unique to that company (no, they’re not unique in principle; maybe so in some particulars that don’t really matter, yes). So, they think that outsiders, even “expert consultants”, will never truly get and appreciate what they – the employees – are dealing with every day.

  2. Many employees tend to resent that the outside consultants don’t have to live with the results or consequences of their advice. They pop-in, spout their “wisdom”, get their check, and are gone…leaving the employees to live with the consequences.

Now, what do I mean by “anyone who hasn’t already done what you’re trying to do”?

I mean that if you want real estate advice about income property, don’t ask just a general attorney. Don’t ask just a real estate attorney. Don’t ask just an income property real estate attorney. Ask an income property real estate attorney who is also an successful income property owner/investor him/her self!

I mean that if you want to learn the secrets to successfully baking cakes at high altitude, ask the baker who has successfully baked countless cakes at high altitude.

Now, you are going to find yourself violating this principle, at least regarding everyday stuff. But you would be wise to catch yourself and make a habit of practicing this principle. You’ll never regret it.




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