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Companies Are Learning That Remote Workers Give Them a Competitive Advantage is one of the leading sites that offers the services of freelancers from all over the world. UpWork’s staff publishes articles from time to time, and their most recent one about remote working is very timely. Here are a few of its most relevant comments:

-[Due to the coronavirus], as traditional work norms have been upended, organizations have started to fundamentally rethink the way they function, from where teams work to who should be on them.

-One transformative truth that has come to light is the fact that work can be done productively no matter where team members are sitting. And that realization is accelerating the shift that had already begun around finding the best person for the job – regardless of geography.

-A recent survey estimates that the remote workforce has nearly quadrupled to include 50% of US workers.

-Many of the reasons are self-evident – workers are no longer spending time getting ready for work, commuting to work, running between meetings, or dealing with distracting coworkers or office settings. Managers are realizing that the ultimate test of a worker’s productivity must be their output, rather than their “face time.”

-A lot of companies will have an epiphany that they can hire people from anywhere in the world; they are no longer tied to hiring only people who live in closeby megacities.”


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If you are one whose job is portable and you are interested in a better quality of life and adapting to the new realities of making a living, here are some great resources to get you started:

  1. If you need help working through family decisions, weighing the pros and cons of remote working, creating an online business of your own, or if you just want to clarify your passions that point to your ideal job, you would do well to get a little help from a life coach. One of the best places to link- up with a coach that’s right for you is the free life coach matching service provided by Wainwright Global.


  2. If you’re drawn to remote working but don’t know how to get startedthe Laptop Lifestyle Academy is perfect program for learning the ropes.


  3. If your preference is  starting an online business of your own now or soon, there’s no better place to start than the free course at My Online Startup. It provides a great basis of knowledge and tools that will be relevant no matter what type of online venture you choose to pursue.

Yes, times are certainly challenging right now. But such developments can also be the catalyst that triggers overdue changes for the better in your life. There are plenty of great resources – like the above – to help you make them.

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