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Elementor, (Watson)

Elementor bills itself as “The World’s Leading WordPress Page Builder” plug-in.

WordPress is said to power 1/3 of all current Websites. I’ll be brutally honest with you: I tried using WordPress to build a Website years ago and hated every minute of it. There’s no point in boring you with the various reasons why, but when I set about creating the (MALYW) site, a close business collaborator of mine suggested WordPress. When I recounted my past experience with it, she said, “Have you heard of Elementor?”

Fast forward. I created and manage the MALYW site using WordPress and Elementor. And I’m loving it. Let me count the ways:

  • WordPress is free
  • Installation on my server was a one-click affair…painless
  • It’s interface is much more intuitive than is was at the time of my former experience
  • The Elementor plug-in is super simple to install
  • Elementor is a jewel for using any popular design theme for WordPress, it’s a WYSIWYG page builder/manager, which means you can see the effects of your publishing actions – immediately – in real time…before you publish them to the public
  • The integration between WP and Elementor is impressively seemless; you just get work done without any fuss; I have yet to encounter a single bug (but there must be some somewhere, yes?)
  • There’s a free version of Elementor, but I suspect most people will want to upgrade to the Premium version, currently at $49/year, to get some of the sweller features and functions (can you tell I hate limitations?)
  • Because Elementor use is so widespread, you can find tons of affordable freelancers at the likes of Fiverr and Upwork to help you if you get stuck or just want to offload any scope of your site work (mine makes short, screen-capture videos showing me how to do things)

In summary, in the past fifteen years, I have created and managed a lot of Websites (for both myself and clients) on a lot of different platforms. And I’m happier with WordPress + Elementor than any of the others. Doooo it:

Go to Elementor. [affiliate link]