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Shattered…Five Big Myths About Business

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So, you’re contemplating an online business of your own. Great! But let’s lay some groundwork first. Because the more savvy you are about business in general, the better a business you will be able to create. And that means – among other things I’ll bring you shortly – shattering the following 5 Business Myths.

Myth #1: The harder you work, the more money you will make. If it was that simple, why aren’t ditch-diggers rich? Sure, up to a point, that concept can be true, but without applying the principles presented here, that strategy alone will cause you to hit a ceiling income level.

Myth #2: The more money you make, the happier you will be. Studies reveal that millionaires are no happier than the average person. The people of Ecuador, who have an average income of around $400 US dollars per month, are said to be the second happiest peoples on the planet.

Myth #3: Traditional business has it that you have to work like a dog, and any time/energy you have left over can be devoted to your personal life.

As Scott Fox so clearly states in his wonderful book, Click Millionaires:
 “The business first, personal life second, approach results in pretty much
no personal life. 
Under that approach, the idea that one day you will have the
life you really want is an illusion. If you don’t live the life you want right NOW,
the research suggests you probably never will, even if you make a lot more
money in the future.”

Where did we get the warped notion in the first place that you had to do something you hated for most of your life, then “retire” to do what you have really wanted to do your whole life, but then you’re too broke, tired or unhealthy to do it! 

Myth #4: You won’t need any extra income in retirement: The last recession/financial markets debacle ruined that dream for millions of Americans who lost both jobs and a significant part of their savings and investments. And there are many trends all coming to a crescendo to crush the traditional, “salaried job market.”

Myth #5: If you start a business, the implicit goal is to take the business as big as possible. Then you can do what you’d like to do with your life. I’ve hung out with hundreds upon hundreds of entrepreneurs in my life, and almost without exception, they were hell-bent on “going big.” They seem to believe that if they didn’t go big, they will be considered a failure in both their eyes and those of others. Or, at least they believe that they wouldn’t be able to live the way they would truly like to…some day.

But if you really probe them with some penetrating questions, the vast majority don’t really care if their business “goes big.” Their real goal is to be happy and to live the lifestyle they would love to live…right now!


If you are interested in adapting to the new realities of making a living, here are some great resources for making money online in the manner that appeals to you most:

  1. If you  need help weighing the pros and cons of remote working, or creating an online business of your own, or if you just want to clarify you passions that point to your ideal job, you would do well to get a little help from a life coach. One of the best places to link- up with coach that’s right for you is the free life coach matching service provided
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  2. If you’d like to learn about getting trained and certified as a life coach and make a living as an online coach, check out Wainwright Global’s Life Coach Training Online. 

  3. If you’re drawn to remote working but don’t know how to get started, the Laptop Lifestyle Academy is the perfect program for learning the ropes.

  4. If your preference is starting an online business of your own, there’s no better place to start than the free course at My Online Startup.

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