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How Much Money Can You Expect to Save by Living Outside the US?

Photo representing how much cheaper fruits and veges are in Ecuador.

Maybe an illustration would help here. Just keep in mind your experience will vary, obviously depending on where you settle and your shopping habits. But…

I just came back from an extraordinarily cheap day of vegetable/fruit shopping at the local mercado (truck-farm-direct open market) here in Cuenca, Ecuador. The market is only three easy-walking blocks from my condo.

I must have hit the vendors’ new deliveries schedule (when the new products gets delivered) just right, because the merchants seemed even more eager than usual to move their products. The photo above shows what I “scored” this trip, to use a much younger person’e term.

What you’re looking at in the photo is:

-Two pounds of beautiful strawberries
-Three pounds of nice, sweet grapes
-Four, medium vine-ripened tomatoes
-Two pounds of prime cherries
-Four small peaches
-One red pepper
-Four small, red onions
-Four sweet potatoes
-Two baking potatoes
-One papaya (a free thank-you gift from one of the merchants)

Ok, so take a guess at how much I paid for it all?

Wait for it…

Wait for it…

$14.00! (US dollars)

What might that have cost at a US supermarket? $30? $40? $50?

I don’t really know.

But I know that life is good in Cuenca. 🙂

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