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Kindle Publishing on Autopilot

Jumping to the chase, I publish ebooks in Amazon Kindle and softcover formats. (BTW: reading my book “Relocating to Ecuador – Eyes Wide OPEN” is a good way to explore all the things you should consider when choosing a place to live outside the US and run your “lifestyle” business. And it so happens that my choice – Cuenca, Ecuador – is one of the top choices on the planet for US expats.)

Ok, back to business. I wish I’d had the “Put Your Kindle Publishing Business on Autopilot” program before embarking on my Amazon publishing journey. I would have learned a long time ago:

  • How to automate 75% of your Kindle business
  • The essential steps that make you the most money
  • How to have other people do low level tasks that don’t directly produce income
  • Tools to streamline time and procedures
  • A proven production process that maximizes profit
  • An automatic money-making system

More specifically, here are the modules in the Autopilot program:

  • #1 How to Build a Kindle Publishing system
  • #2 How to Get Other People to Run Your Business System – with 16 training videos
  • #3 Tools of the Trade
  • #4 Proven Production Process
  • #5 Step-by-Step System Integration
  • # 6 Bonus: 3 Crazy Awesome Tools

Almost any “lifestyle” online business can benefit from ebooks – either as money-makers themselves or to promote your business/build your reputation. But, as usual, my advice is to delegate the little stuff so you can focus on your business, not slave away on the little stuff in the business. Put this system to work for you:

Go to Kindle Publishing on Autopilot. [affiliate link]