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Leads Leap

LeadsLeap is another company that has been providing advertising solutions that drive quality traffic to internet marketers…since 2008. After much study, they figured out how to identify “bot activity” that creates false ad exposure. Without that Leads Leap technology, you, the marketer, may pay for clicks that you think were made by people, but some of what you get is instead clicks by software. Non-humans – that don’t carry wallets. You’re paying for something that’s useless to you!

So Leads Leap decided to make their bot-identifying tools and services available to you for free. With their webtools and ad widgets, they’ve amassed an advertising network covering 6,000+ Websites, with daily ad impressions of 400,000+. You can advertise for FREE and get real visitors (not computer bots) who are actually interested in your offers.

From here, Leads Leap can explain what you can accomplish with their service better than I can. It’s fascinating. So follow the link below and seriously consider it when you need clean, high-conversion traffic:

Go to Leads Leap.   [affiliate link]