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Level 1 – Resource Briefs

The only way that I am able to bring you all the the value of “Making a Living Your Way” for free is because I earn affiliate commissions through links on the site for paid 3rd party recommended resources. Those commissions are paid by the vendors, so there is never any added cost to you. I am scupulous about only recommending books that I have personally read and services that I have personally used or have fully vetted, all of which I sincerely believe would be of value to you

Wainwright Global’s Life Coach Matching Service

Do any of the following states in life describe you?

  • Unclear about your life purpose
  • Need clarity on your likes/dislikes and strongest aptitudes (or “core competencies”)
  • Starting a new career
  • Contemplating an online business of your own
  • Debating college vs. technical training
  • Freeing yourself from blocks and fears so you can move forward with your life
  • Coping with loss
  • On a spiritual quest
  • Going through a divorce
  • Working through recovery

A professionally-trained and certified coach is an excellent resource to help you work through these and any other personal issue(s).

Barbara Wainwright of Wainwright Global has trained over 7,000 coaches, in every specialty imaginable. Who better to determine the perfect coach for your personality and unique circumstances?

That’s why she offers a free service to help you find exactly the right coach to help you get clarity and form an action plan to achieve direction, happiness and success.

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Go to the free Life Coach Matching Service. [affiliate link]

Life Coach Hub

Torn about priorities in life? Uncertain what you’re best at? Not sure what kind of work you could fall in love with? Not clear about what you want your lifestyle to look like?

Find the perfect life or career coach to help you clarify what you want and turn inspiration into an action plan for finding success, happiness and direction.

More of my thoughts on Life Coach Hub.

Go to Life Coach Hub. [affiliate link]

Career Fitter

Need help identifying your “career personality” so you can choose the ideal way to make a living your way?

Career Fitter’s free career test will help identify your work-personality strengths, communication style, career preferences and much more.

The test was designed by psychologists using scientific research and trusted by millions of people, universities and career advisors for over 20 years.

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Go to Career Fitter. [affiliate link]

Profit from Your Passion

Circumstances are different for everyone. 
Are you in a job that you hate, and you’re trying to get out? Are you an entrepreneur with your own company… but you’re stuck, and you’re not sure why. Are you looking for that one business that will help you have more impact on the world! 

Profit from Your Passion will help you find your passion and put you on the road to profiting from it.

More of my thoughts on Profit from Your Passion.

Go to Profit from Your Passion. [affiliate link]

Brian Tracy – Yes, You Can

Brian Tracy is world-renowned for helping people enhance self-confidence, increase personal achievement, identify their goals and desires, write a book, become expert at creating digital information products, become a published author, and maximize productivity.

Get his free 14-Step Goal Setting Guide to start setting and achieving your biggest goals.
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Dr. Robert Anthony’s Secrets of Deliberation Creation

Do any of of the below describe you?

-Stuck in a job/career you wish to change?
-Lack of success in a business, field, sport, or profession
-On-going financial hardships you just can’t seem to escape
-A desire to live in a permanent state of optimism and happiness
Dr. Anthony is unparalleled at helping people make permanent, positive changes.

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