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Level 2 – Resource Briefs

The only way that I am able to bring you all the the value of “Making a Living Your Way” for free is because I earn affiliate commissions through links on the site for paid 3rd party recommended resources. Those commissions are paid by the vendors, so there is never any added cost to you. I am scupulous about only recommending books that I have personally read and services that I have personally used or have fully vetted, all of which I sincerely believe would be of value to you

My Online Startup (MOS)

This free program truly is the Motherlode. MOS is the only all-in-one course that teaches you from A – Z how to build a sustainable online business. On top of that, it comes with Live Discussions and Private Forums so that you’ll definitely make long-lasting friendships and bond with collaborators along the way.

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Go to My Online Startup. [affiliate link]

Online Marketing Classroom (OMC)

OMC has educationsl tracks for people “just getting started”, people “already running a business” and people who are  “marketing professionals.” 

 OMC wants to give people the right foundation on which to build an online business and step-by-step guidance on how to grow it, using the same systems, tools and assets that they use every day to run their own 8-figure business.

They have guided over 50,000 members, many of which have gone on to build incredible businesses. I urge you to t
ake advantage of this terrific resource. 

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Six Figure Mentors

Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek want to bring online marketing success within reach of anyone who has the courage to step out of the status quo (meaning financial “security” in the hands of an employer) and the drive to create life on their own terms.

The are there to give you the tools, training, resources and community support to help you succeed in the online arena.

Why slave for a business until retirement when you can learn to create a business that serves you your whole life!


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