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Lifestyle Business

Before proceeding, please first watch this insightful and entertaining animated short story. I did not produce it, nor am I the narrator. But I wanted to share it with you because it does a terrific job of illustrating the benefits of a “lifestyle business” compared to the crazy lives lived by so many in the developed world. 

As the video so vividly illustrated, the old school of thought on a “career” was that you had to trade quality of life during the most vital and robust four decades of your life for simply earning a living.

Once you retired, though, you could live the lifestyle that you had wanted to live all along.

The trouble is, for the majority of people, when retirement finally arrives, they don’t have the financial clout, physical endurance, health and energy that the dream lifestyle requires.


Well, I have welcome news for you. You don’t need any else’s permission to be “Making a Living Your Way” through a lifestyle business!

A “lifestyle business” is one where you – the entrepreneur – creates a business that recognizes that your ultimate life objective is to live a joyous life your whole life. That, as contrasted to slaving away as an employee in other peoples’ businesses that suck the life out of you, leaving you little time to live that joyous life you want to live right now.What a concept!

It’s setting yourself up such that your quality of life is as important as what you do to make a living!

It’s creating a business for the specific purpose of providing cash flow to pursue outside interests.

Ohmigod! You can do that?????

Yup. Your parents, teachers, coaches, friends, and pastor didn’t tell you that. Simply because they didn’t realize it either. But let’s be honest:  it’s the internet that has made the kind of “lifestyle business” that I’m describing much more attainable.

And when you design your own method of making a living, you no longer have to work at something you hate. Set it up right, and when you “work” it will never feel like what you’ve known as “work”. Because, you will be doing something that you love…that you chose to do on purpose…that fulfills you.

Just imagine not only loving your life but loving what you do to make a living.

That’s what this Website is about: first, helping you figure out what you want your life  to look like, then helping you get the advice and resources to get it done.

Excited? Let’s go to play (wink) on making it happen.

In the coming days, you will start seeing on this site blog posts and many other resources organized into the following three levels that reflect the stages that people typically go through in the “lifestyle business” creation process:

  • Level 1: When you’re ready for help deciding what you really want your lifestyle to look like (it’s really not as obvious as it might seem – I’ll being presenting you with considerations to build into your plan that will make your heart sing)

  • Level 2: When you’re ready for help choosing the best online lifestyle business type, training and resources to fit your chosen lifestyle

  • Level 3: When you’re ready to start receiving the training, resources and community support to implement your chosen online lifestyle business type

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