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Matching Your Aptitudes and Interests to the Type of Your Digital Information Products/Services

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First, let’s get one, maybe-not-so-obvious. thing abundantly clear. A “lifestyle” digital information business means one that fits your “lifestyle”, yes. But that also means a business that fits your aptitudes and interests. And that, in turn, means creating and marketing types of digital information that fit your aptitudes and interests. This is your gig, right? Then do what you love, or you’re back to doing drudgery!

Ok, but what does that mean: “digital information that fits your aptitudes and interests”? It means this:

The above options are just idea-starters. You can not only do multiple formats, but it’s savvy to re-purpose content from one type to another to give you multiple streams of income.

If you would like help unraveling what interests and aptitudes really torque your twinkie the most, consider the following resources:

  1. Career Fitter: [affiliate link] a free, online career test that will help you identify your aptitudes, interests, work-personality strengths, communication style, career preferences and more
  2. Wainwright Global’s Free Life Coach Matching Service: [affiliate link] Barbara Wainwright, who has taught over 7,000 life coaches, will personally introduce you to the perfect life coach to help guide you to answers



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