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My Online Startup

The free My Online Startup course has just been re-invented from the ground up to be better than ever…to be the best introductory online marketing course that exists.

While its primary focus is on everything you need to know to be a successful affiliate marketer, guess what?

When you learn to be a great affiliate marketer, you learn 90% of what it takes to create a successful, sustainable online business of any type.

Because affiliate marketing is all about driving traffic and get people to act. What online business owner doesn’y need those skills? In fact, after taking this course, you likely find that affiliate marketing is the easiest, fastest and least expensive to launch online business you could pursue.

And this free course is taught by the Founder of MOS, Chuck Nyugen. Chuck doesn’t pull any punches. He tells it like it is, including busting some long-term misconceptions.  

So that you can truly get just how much value this free course provides, let me share with you the complete list of course topics:

Step 1: The Gameplan

Step 2: Success Mindset
     Mindset is Everything
     Strong Personal Why
     Clear Income Goal
     Powerful Self-Image
     Personal Success Formula
     100x More Productive
     My Success Philosophy

Step 3: Affiliate Marketing
     Important Fundamentals
     Most Profitable Niches
     Find Affiliate Products
     Pick Your One Product
     Your Unfair Advantage

Step 4: Lead Generation
     Super Affiliate Formula
     Quality Lead Magnet
     Creating Capture Pages
     Automated Follow-Ups
     Track Your Conversions
     Integrating Your System

Step 5: Authority Platform
     Importance of a Blog
     Building Your Own Site
     Customizing Your Blog
     Best Type of Articles
     Tips & Tricks to Writing
     Blog Post Checklist

Step 6: YouTube Marketing
     The Power of YouTube
     Setting Up the Channel
     Must Have Resources
     Best Types of Videos
     Shooting and Editing
     Ranking Your Videos

Step 7: Forum Marketing
     Quality Traffic Source

Step 8: Targeted Solo Ads
     Easiest Traffic Method
     Simple Udimi Network
     Reliable Solo Agency
     Trusted Solo Vendors

Step 9: Traffic Networks
     Leased Ad Space
     Infinity Traffic Boost
     Leads Leap

You can jump around between topics at will – you don’t have to go in order.  Plus, you can re-watch any given topic as many times as you want.

Friend, this course is free. I don’t know of a better deal on the Internet for getting started with your own “lifestyle” online business.

And you’re just two, short, free steps away from watching your first-choice video topic.

  1. Click the button below
  2. On the first page you meet, create your free MOS student account (in about sixty seconds)
  3. Start watching your first choice of section video

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