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Say Hi to Fiverr

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Fiverr became famous in a hurry when it launched with freelancers ready-and-willing to create a logo for you for $5, thus the company’s name.

But today, Fiverr is my go-to resource for all manner of affordable freelance talent: logos, package design, whiteboard videos, WordPress Website creation and maintenance, transcription, translation help with any software application, ecommence systems…just about anything you can imagine.

Fiverr is your starting point for building a team of free-lancers that help you focus on your business rather being buried in doing nothing but low-level tasks in your business. Translation: your time should be spent on high-value activities like marketing strategy and customer relations, not data-entry!

At Fiverr, you can either: a) post the details of  your project and let freelancers bid on it, and/or b) create a project description and then invite pre-selected freelancers that tentatively interest you to bid on it.

Also, you can a) ask bidders to provide an hourly rate and an estimate for how many hours that they think your project will take (subject to change as the project unfolds, exposing you to some risk).

Or, b) you can request a flat fee bid for the scope of the project (which shifts the risk to the vendor). With the flat fee, it’s up to the bidder to charge that amount, unless you make a bunch of changes to the original requirements that require more time and work. Re-negotiate the fee if you do that.

The Fiverr platform has several other very advantageous-to-the-buyer features:

  • You can search by keyword for just about any kind of service related to online business that you might need
  • You can browse any freelancers’ comments and performance ratings from previous clients; for some specialities, you can also see their skill-level Fiverr test scores
  • In many cases, you can negotiate cost and terms with the vendor
  • The Fiverr platform serves as a project management tool to manage everything related to a project – including payment through an escrow account.  The vendor doesn’t get paid until you approve final delivery of your project. And if you have a complaint, Fiverr will help you resolve it with the vendor before releasing payment.

I strongly advise the followinging methods to help ensure you have good experiences at Fiverr:

  • The unfortunate fact is – and this isn’t unique to Fiverr, it’s true of life in general – most people don’t follow directions well. So when you post a project on Fiverr, include in the description a very specific request for what you want bidders to include in their response (an example: if it is for data entry, ask bidders to briefly explain the steps for how they would approach the work). Immediately eliminate any bidders who don’t follow your instuctions. 

  • Always regard all project activity as a “test”; that is, expect the vendors to continually prove themselves by delivering what was promised, how they promised it, and when they promised it…to your satisfaction

  • Find several vendors that look promising and give each of them the same little test related to your project; if it’s data entry, for example, give a piece of the work to each one and see how each performs; from that, choose who to award the full project to

  • It’s smart to always identify at least two or freelancers for each specialty you need, in case one of them gets buried with work just when you have an emergency, or they stop working through Fiverr all together

Smart “lifestyle” online business owners know that trying to do everything themselves is fool-hardy. Rather, use resources like Fiverr to assemble a team of highly affordable specialists that you can call on as-needed.

Go to Fiverr[affiliate link]


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Yes, times are certainly challenging right now. But such developments can also be the catalyst that triggers overdue changes for the better in your life. There are plenty of great resources – like the above – to help you make them.

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