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The Newly-Elevated Relevance of Sticking Your Neck Out a Bit

Based on the fact that you were drawn to reading this, I’m guessing that before coronavirus:

  • You couldn’t help but feel rather envious at times of people who were making money online – either a little money or a lot of money; and all the freedoms and flexibility they enjoyed – unrighteous!
  • You knew there was something missing in your life; you felt vaguely unfulfilled; at work, you were just “going through the motions”, not enthralled
  • Often, you had thoughts about creating your own online business; but those “little voices” in your head held you back
  • You couldn’t imagine quiting your job and starting an online business, expecting it to replace your current income fast enough to avoid big financial trouble, especially if you had a family
  • To top it off, maybe you were uncomfortable with the direction that the US was taking, on many fronts; which led to your daydreaming sometimes about living in another country, which also held the promise of a much lower cost-of-living

After coronavirus:

  • You realize that, overnight, the world as you knew it has been turned upside down to an extent never before witnessed by humankind
  • You realize how fragile the concept of “job security” has become
  • Being human, you likely envy more than ever those who have already established a stream of online income; even if they are hit hard like everybody else, they can probably come back much faster (than job-hunters) due to their lower cost-of-living, their flexibility and speed in trying new income sources, and their ability to reach a global market
  • They can work from the safety of their homes

But here are some things to realize about those with online income(s):

  • They didn’t get there overnight; they stuck their necks out a little bit at a time
  • Even among those making a ton of money online today, the vast majority set out to make a “little extra income”, and – to their delight – it grew over time into much more than that
  • They are likely making money from multiple streams of online income, not just one

So what does that all that mean to you?

  • To make money online, you have to start now, because now is all we ever have
  • Meanwhile do what you have to do to make a living so there’s not as much stress on your early online efforts
  • At the beginning, the thought of making a bunch of money online is a daunting; it feels un-doable to get from here to there; and that “little voice” telling you so will nag you 24-hours a day (yes, even while  you’re sleeping, thanks to your subconscious mind)
  • Instead, focus on making your first $1; then your first $10; your first $100; your first $1000, and so on
  • Focus on getting your first source of income up and running before concerning yourself with multiple streams of income; focus, focus, focus…
  • Many online business models can become very complicated and time-consuming; start with easier business models, like affiliate marketing, life coaching, selling information rather than physical products

Regardless, the first step to take is starting to educate yourself now. Here are some great places to start [the recommended resources are some of my approved-affiliate links]:

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