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Traffic for Me’s claim is “the cleanest email traffic in the world. Guaranteed.”

If you own a business, if you need leads, or if you make money, you want email traffic. Email traffic is the best way to get in front of genuinely interested people who will buy. Independent studies have been proving that again and again since at least 1999.

A study by ExactTarget revealed that 77% of people who buy stuff prefer to get marketed to by email. Consequently, 89% of professional marketers say that email is their main way of generating leads.

Email has an average return-on-investment of $38 for each $1 spent.

Ok, so what’s with the clean traffic bit? Clean traffic just has real people looking at your ad or offer. Dirty traffic has other things than people looking at your ad or offer. Like “bots”. Bots are basically computer programs built to “act” like real people. They click on things, sign up, and even put in realistic looking contact info. They are evil machines that look and act like humans – but when you take a closer look they, are just fakes.

Fakes you could be paying for to be added to your email list! When a dishonest company has bots in their traffic, when you buy 1000 clicks, you’ll get 1,000 clicks, but only 500 may be actual people with money.

So, TrafficForMe decided to focus on providing the “cleanest” email traffic in the industry

TrafficforMe specializes in traffic for the categories of:

  • Health
  • Survival
  • Financial
  • Personal development

Clean, honest traffic. What a concept! I suggest you take a close look at TrafficForMe.

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