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Wainwright Global’s Free Life Coach Matching Service

In this time of political turmoil, changing values, and out-of-step institutions of all kinds, it’s no wonder why people are traumatized and have so many questions, especially about “job security” and “making a living”.

That’s why life coaching, in all of its forms, is one of the world’s fastest growing service categories. There’s good reason: it works!

Since 2006, Barbara Wainwright, Founder and CEO of Wainwright Global’s Life Coach Online Training has been involved in training over 7,000 life coaches of many “flavors.” Through continuous feedback from her many certified graduates, there is probably no one in the coaching world better suited to matching prospective coaching clients with exactly the right coach.

Consequently, Barbara created the free Life Coach Matching Service. It’s a simple, four-step process:

  1. Make an online appointment with Barbara here
  2. Share enough of your situation with her that she can  recommend one or more certified coaches that are an ideal fit for you
  3. Contact the recommended coach(es) and confirm that you are comfortable with the match
  4. Engage the coach on whatever basis you and the coach mutually agree

It’s a beautiful thing – and one without obligation or long-term contracts. Get started now by having Barbara point you to your perfect coach.