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What is “Quality” Anyway?

Horse wearing lace-up boots on each foot representing that "quality" means different things to different people.

“Quality” is whatever your prospects think it is!

I’m not just being flip with that. Make no mistake. Quality is not a hard fact. Quality means many different things to different people. After taking part in some 250 customer/prospect focus groups throughout my career – for a wide variety of products – I was dumbstruck with how difficult it is to guess what “quality” might mean to people. And it’s essential that you communicate with people on their terms no matter how ridiculous you might think that is!

Your job is to find out what “quality” means to customers in your case. That means asking. Don’t ask your wife, your family, your friends, or other smart people, even smart business people. First of all, they likely aren’t your prospects, plus they want to please you and support you. So it’s very difficult for them to provide honest, meaningful feedback.

No, ask your prospects. Their opinions are the only ones that matter.

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