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Why Coaching Is Such a Hot Online Business Model

Life Coaching Defined


  • It’s comprised of the coach and individual or a small group of “clients” or “coach-ees” (my word)
  • The coach aids the client in addressing specific personal life issues or personal projects, business issues, entrepreneurship, challenges, relationships, transitions, loss, opportunities…it’s vitually limitless
  • Coaching can take place in person, by phone or via online video app (Skype, Zoom, etc.); email or messaging may be used to supplement the “live” conversations (because it doesn’t have to be done in person, coaches can enjoy all the benefits of a “lifestyle” digital information business)
  • It examines the current state of things
  • It explores what obstacles or challenges are occurring
  • It identifies a course or action to move the client forward to where s/he wants to be
  • Coaching is not at all about telling clients what to do (that’s consulting, mentoring, etc.).
  • The coach facilitates the client(s) in discoving answers for themselves; that requires the skill of knowing the right questions to ask
  • The ultimate goal of coaching is to empower the client(s) to resume taking charge of their life(es).

If you are interested in receiving life coaching check out: Wainwright Global’s Life Coach Matching Service and Life Coach Hub.

The Importance of Training and Certification


On the surface, being a coach looks pretty straight-forward to people who consider themselves intuitive and good communicators. But there are two very good reasons why its important to obtain training and certification before attempting to practice coaching:

  1. There is a very specific set of skills required to be an effective coach, skills you can only get from formal training and certification ( you can liken it to the difference between being a dental assistant and a dentist)
  2. Without training and certification, you are at a great credibility disadvantage versus coaches who can “trot out” their training and certification credentials; client testimonials add another layer of credibility

If you are contemplating an online business of your own, coaching is a great choice that pays well. To learn more about coach training and certification, look into The Coach Training Alliance and  Wainwright Global’s Life Coach Training Online.

Demand for LIfe Coaching

The demand for life coaching has never been greater. In my view, there are many forces driving the demand. Here’s my take on them:

  • People the world over are being traumitized by the massive shifts caused by politics, evolving business models, technology, the environment, marginalized institutions and more; “job security” and “making a living” will never again be the same (read this post for details); consequently, more and more people are seeking the help of coaches to find their way through the new “paradigm”
  • The Internet has introduced a myriad of ways to start your own online business and escape the downsides of “working for the man”people are turning to coaches to help them identify what they really want in life, their aptitudes, and their work interests
  • In the past, people typically had one career, maybe two; it is predicted that Millenials and Gen Ys will average six or more different careers during their lifetimes; that’s a tough path to negotiate alone; coaches are helping them forge a pathway through the maze
  • Many mid-lifers and seniors have been displaced from the workforce in a myriad of ways; yet they need to increase their incomes to make ends meet; again, coaches are helping them find their ways


It’s pretty hard to find a better way than coaching to make a living your way. Check out the resources in this post above to see if you agree.

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